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    National University of Tainan
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    NUTN held the seminar on mentoring and awarding the excellent mentors

    NUTN held the seminar on mentoring and awarded nine excellent mentors on December 3. President Huang not only expressed affirmation but thanked to mentors. Awarded the best mentors are Lin Chia-Yen from the Department of Public Administration and Management, Lin Wen-Ling from the Department of Drama Creation and Application, Hsu Chi-Sui from the Department of Education, Huang Chung-Neng from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsai Ling-Wan from the Department of Chinese. College-level excellent mentors are Lin Ching-Jen from the Department of Special Education, Tsao Chiung-Wen from Deptment of Business and Management, Cheng Tai-Sheng from the Department of Biological Sciences and Technology and Tsai Min-Ju from the Department of Early Student Education. Seminars were arranged to elaborate the regulations and issues that are highly related to student affairs.



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