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    National University of Tainan
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    NUTN, the best model of moral education

    NUTN was awarded by the Ministry of Education of the best model of moral education on October 22. NUTN Vice President Li Der-Lin and Luo Feng-Zhou, the Leader of student guidance office, represented NUTN to receive the presentation. NUTN school motto, ‘benevolence, wisdom, sincere, pure’. For a long period of time, moral education is the most important matter for NUTN student office by holding the activities, deeper the concept of student honesty and develop the care of our society.
    President Huang said, hoping students can attach importance to self-discipline, become college students who give consideration to integrity, learning, communication and working. University aims not only for the higher learning, but also need to attach importance to students’ civic consciousness, make moral education realized from school to society.


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