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    National University of Tainan
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    NUTN Invited Professor Cheng Yi-Xing to give a great talk

    On September 30 NUTN invited Cheng Yi- Xing, National Pingtung University Emeritus Professor, to share his idea about education and his teaching journey.
    Professor Cheng Yi-Xing had rich administrative career experiences and several times be awarded by the Ministry of Education. During the lecture, Professor Cheng not only spreaded his concept of education, also shared his life experiences about his enlightenment and his appreciated teacher. Professor Cheng put forward six things to improve the life, such as health, knowledge, strength of character, view, experience and contribution. In the meantime, Professor Cheng pointed out that one person’s attitude is a key.
    At the end, Professor Cheng shared his childhood story to encourage everyone to gain the opportunity for their life and emphasized the importance of how education brought impacts on us. When a country worked hard to run the education, the pillar of our country will be strengthened.


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