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    National University of Tainan
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    Professor Chu Yuin-Pung Delivered a Great Speech in the NUTN

    The Environmental Sciences and Ecology College of NUTN invited Professor Chu Yuin-Pung to give a talk at the Chi-Ming Building on September 17 to help teachers and students have a better concept about green GDP. Professor Chu is a well-known economist and now teaches at the Department of Economics in the NCU. The talk topic was “Green GDP”. Professor Chu explained the problems of environmental development from an economical point of view. He used simple words to explain the complicated statistics of economics and explained the way how to calculate the green GDP. It was a wonderful and inspiring talk and students were eager to raise questions afterwards.
    The Environmental Sciences and Ecology College of NUTN had invited many experts and scholars to deliver speeches. All speeches were highly recognized by teachers and students. This semester welcome all students to attend since it will continue to invite great experts and scholars to campus.



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