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    National University of Tainan
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    Campus News
    Chair Professor Wu Tie-xiong invited to give a talk on ’MY educational life’ in NUTN

    NUTN invited the prominent alumnus and Chair Prof. Wu Tie-xiong on ‘My educational life’ to, share his experience of learning and service education on December 2. He expressed his gratitude to every life challenge and people he met in his life. He believed that only standing up from the place you failed can help you pass all life difficulties. He encouraged students to develop an interest from learning and grasped all opportunity to learn. One day it would be useful for some time in our life. He also shared his experience he got from servicing a secretary to education minister during the educational reform time. He reminded the audience to understand the gap between the ideal and the reality and to have an effective communication between the policy and the public. Finally, the staff and students were benefited from his talk and encouraged by his never-give-up spirit.


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