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    National University of Tainan
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    Campus News
    The “Kuo Yuan-Hsia and Kuo Bwo-Yuan Father and Son Exhibition” Opens in

    NUTN held the“Guo Yuan-Hsia and Guo Bwo-Yuan Father and Son Exhibition” in Shing Yu Museum of NUTN from October 19 to December 27. Mr. Guo Yuan-Hsia has great passion for paintings of nature and he still observes the beauty of nature and creates amazing pieces of art even now at 80 years of age. His son Guo Bwo-Yuan is now a professor in the Department of Arts and Design, NTUE. Professor Guo has held about 20 exhibitions in galleries and art museums in and out of the country. His way of presenting his art has always been diverse, showing fusion of traditional and modern art and the beauty of western and eastern art. Thirty pieces of art works are shown in the exhibition. Opening hours are from 10am to 5 pm from Wednesday to Sunday. People are welcome to visit. Contact number: 06-7944823


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