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    National University of Tainan
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    Campus News
    NUTN UMC After-School Class Center Held Halloween Games

    NUTN and UMC After-School Class Center held the series of games to celebrate Halloween. Teachers and teaching assistants became the characteristic monsters, and set several challenges for children to play.
    In order to help children know the culture and characteristic of Halloween, several games were arranged. The first game emphasized the ability of memory. The second game was for concentration. The third game was for training children’s sense of rhythm and learned how to listen the tape of the music. The final game tested the children’s feeling of balance. Nevertheless, all of the game above were arranged in the very much interesting way and make the participated children all got into it.
    President Huang said, by using the game to combine the knowledge, make learning with rich taste, moreover, can promote the effectiveness of learning. The general secretary of UMC Foundation, Shi Bi-Ru and the dean of NUTN UMC After-School Class Center, Professor Lin Rui-Rong, recognized NUTN students’ spirit of volunteer and their professional skills in organizing learning activities.


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